Film Review

Fearless (2006)

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Running time: 1h 44min
Directed by Ronny Yu
Written by Chris Chow, Richard Epcar (dubbed version), Chi-long To
Starring Jet Li, Li Sun, Yong Dong

Fearless tells the almost mythical tale of legendary Chinese Martial Arts master Huo Yuanjia (1868-1910), and does it well enough to be entertaining, at least for those who find enjoyment out of people kicking and punching each other. Starring Jet Li, who is one of the most well-known “movie star” martial artists, Fearless is a historical kung fu flick that has enough story wrapped around its multiple fight scenes to work overall as not “just” a martial arts movie; while the impressive fight choreography and Jet Li’s name are obviously the main draws of the film, the production value is relatively high in other respects as well. The film is not historically accurate, and does not shy away from clich├ęs, however, and in part it feels like Chinese nationalistic propaganda, featuring some shallow black and white (or red, white, and blue in one instance) depictions of the foreign forces plaguing China during the late 19th and early 20th century.